Linger is a collaboration of krystina stimakovits and juergen Sarge. 
Linger: the title of the book serves as an excellent compass to discover the rich layers of meanings of the images which concentrate on scenes of our built environment shaped by some sort of human activity…. The places and objects observed and recorded in the photos tell us much about human attitudes ranging from care and attachment to utter neglect…
The images of krystina stimakovits and juergen sarge are profoundly photographic in the best traditions of straight photography, positioned in the in-between world of the representational and the abstracted. To inhabit this space with such ease and comfort takes time…. Although there are differences in their preferences for format, composition, palette and tones, in some of their visual pre-occupations, what we can see, is the highly consistent result of a joint artistic endeavour of two photographers. zsolt batori, phd 
Available at koenig books (without slip case & prints) ​​​​​​​
special edition: limited 100 / signed and numbered    slip case: printed linen, 280 x 315 mm    2 signed and numbered pigment prints, din a4 on hahnemühle ultra smooth    book cover: printed linen, 280 x 315 mm    pages: high resolution offset print / 300 lpi    paper: arctic volume 170g/sqm    63 colour photographs / 112 pages english/german    afterword by zsolt batori phd 
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